Our Lady of Consolation School

"We Welcome, Serve, and Celebrate All students by demonstrating Spiritual Educational Teamwork at OLC."

2nd Annual Christmas Benefit Basketball Game

From Mr. Gerber, OLC Principal

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Students, Parishioners, and Friends of OLC: “We Welcome, Serve, and Celebrate ALL Students by Demonstrating Spiritual Educational Teamwork at OLC.”

I hope you are well. God is a giver. It is important to appreciate God’s many gifts and graces. Christmas is a time to give back, especially to those in need. It is important to give back to others and thank God for the gifts he bestows upon us throughout the year. Likewise, it is a lesson for us to be mindful of helping others throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be limited to the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. On December 21, our school is going to participate in a school-wide activity that is largely based on giving back to others to help the needy during Christmas. The activity is based on anonymous service to help those in need in receiving a Christmas meal. It is important for our students and staff to be givers without recognition. We are also going to have fun while conducting this activity. On Friday, December 21 at 1:00 P.M., OLC will have its 2nd Annual Christmas Benefit Basketball Game. The 8th Graders will play the OLC Staff All – Stars. This is a school-wide event that all OLC students and staff will participate in. Admission for the students is a minimum of two canned food goods that will be donated to the Carey Food Pantry. Those items may be brought to school at any time. Financial donations from parents, grandparents, parishioners, and staff will be used to purchase the food gift certificates from IGA.

The objective for this event is to have fun and raise money as a service project for the local needy families during the holidays. The goal is to anonymously provide 15-$100 food gift certificates from the IGA (no alcohol or tobacco) to help provide meals for community families. Our local Carey Police Department will be making the anonymous deliveries. OLC staff will make recommendations to me in terms of identifying needy families, and that information will remain confidential.

OLC Faculty All-Star Players-Mr. Gerber, Mr. Henley, Mrs. Walter, Mrs. Bame, Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Orians, Mrs. Frey, Brother Ian, Officer Lomelli, Head basketball coaches Dean Plott, Keith Bouillon, and Keith O’Flaherty.  In order to remain consistent with the previous year, we are limiting players to staff and head JH coaches. Score Keeper-Miss O’Reilly, Announcer-Mrs. O’Reilly, Cheerleaders-Mrs. Nalle, Mrs. Runion, and Mrs. Hennessey, Organ/Music-Mrs. Conley, Coaches Mr. Boyle 8th grade and Mrs. Windau Faculty All-Stars, Manager-Mrs. Damschroder, Trainer-Nurse Ashley, Official-Mr. Greg Thomas, Student Supervision-Mrs. Baldridge, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Siefert, Mrs. Gosche, Mrs. Hohman, and Mrs. Steen, Donation Table-Mrs. Distel and PTK parents, Clean up-Everybody.

May God Bless Each of You and Go Trojans!
In Christ and Education,
Mr. Brian Gerber, OLC Principal

Our Lady of Consolation School is very pleased to announce that Mrs. Holly Frey will be our new preschool teacher. She comes to us highly recommended and will fit perfectly into our staff and school culture. We are very excited for her to join our staff for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Our Mission
"Our Lady of Consolation School is a Roman Catholic School in the Diocese of Toledo operated by the parish of Our Lady of Consolation. In partnership with parents, families, and our parish faith community, our staff educates children in the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church and creates a nurturing environment which fosters spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and maturity. We prepare all students to live their Catholic faith and values, become positive productive citizens, and be confident life-long learners."
  OLC Catholic School is about Spiritual-Educational-Teamwork fostering an environment conducive to learning
for our OLC students.  Our goal is to guide our students to grow spiritually, morally, and educationally while
​living a faith-filled life based on integrity and Catholic practices.